Let's be honest. Who doesn't get burnt out when there are limited resources, pending tasks and preparing for an audit simultaneously?

QA is a never-ending support role often seen as the cost of running a food business. My question is can we help you turn this around into an easy-to-implement and audit-ready food safety program?

In fact, we help many clients build and implement food safety programs that they run without us. We choose to help you build and implement a truly your program. Our client scored, on average, 95 % in their first food safety audit.

That "I quit" story will be a past tense when you are satisfied with your work and no longer getting burnt out. There are many benefits of running an optimized food safety program that we can share when we help plan your food safety implementation for 2023.

Don't wait until You Burnt-Out

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We plan our future.

Same goes with food safety management implementation. It starts with planning.

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Here's what our customers say
Food Truck Food Safety Plan
Food Truck Food Safety Plan

I was struggling with getting my food safety and sanitation plan and I contacted this company. Felicia took care of that! She was amazing, very helpful and knowledgeable! She only took three days finishing with all the forms! The forms were very well written and organized. Very professional! Very convenient!

- Yerevan

Retort Drink SQF Program Development
Retort Drink SQF Program Development

We have been worked with SFPM consulting for a few months and they are really helpful. The past couple months, we got our SQF certificate with their help including re-built all procedures, developed the quality system and helped improving the employee practices with audits or training.

We do appreciate their generous help with reasonable cost and high value payback. They are always quick to respond, knowledgeable about the process of developing these plans and provide a high level of customer service.

I would recommend SFPM Consulting to anyone who needs assistance with these types of projects

- Daisy

Pie Food Safety Gap Assessment
Pie Food Safety Gap Assessment

Our consultant Felicia was very thorough with the gap assessment while also understanding our processes in frozen food manufacturing that kept the conversation flowing! Being able to complete the analysis virtually allowed us to work together even though we're fully on the other side of the country. Smooth process with a highly professional team. Would highly recommend.

- Sarah