We Make Food Safety Simpler To Implement for You

Delicious food creates memories

Belton is food studio that not just caters out deliciousness, but lives by the philosophy that nothing brings people together like good food. Whatever the occasion that you need our food for, whatever dietary requirements, we will make it happen.

Our offers for your occasion or event

Mini pizzas

Delectable and bite-sized, mini pizzas are a favorite of all age groups.

Smoked Trout Empanadas

Every empanada is filled, made, and cooked by hand.

Homemade French Fries

Surprise your guests with the best gourmet french fries they’ve ever tasted.

Mini Lamb Burger

Although the flavors are slightly unusual, guests always go for seconds.

Stuffed Mushrooms

A kitchen classic, this is the perfect choice if you’ve vegans in your party.

Duck Confit Quesadillas

Sophistication and flavor come together in this perfectly cheesy quesadilla.

Our services

Here at SFPM Consulting, we pride ourselves with our turn around time with high quality food safety program development.

We run an impressive on average

  • Turn around time less than 4 weeks for full food safety program development

  • 95% audit score

Thanks to our exclusive client guidance systems that helps with

  • Post-program coaching and training

  • Operations Excellence

  • Partnership to Automate Your Food Safety Management System

I was struggling with getting my food safety and sanitation plan and I contacted this company. Felicia took care of that! She was amazing, very helpful and knowledgeable! She only took three days finishing with all the forms! The forms were very well written and organized. Very professional! Very convenient!

woman wears multicolored striped sweater
woman wears multicolored striped sweater

We have been worked with SFPM consulting for a few months and they are really helpful. The past couple months, we got our SQF certificate with their help including re-built all procedures, developed the quality system and helped improving the employee practices with audits or training.

We do appreciate their generous help with reasonable cost and high value payback. They are always quick to respond, knowledgeable about the process of developing these plans and provide a high level of customer service.

I would recommend SFPM Consulting to anyone who needs assistance with these types of projects

brass-colored cup filled with crushed ice with mint
brass-colored cup filled with crushed ice with mint

#1: We review your food safety program.

#2: We plan and manage your food safety program implementation

#3: We teach you exactly what to do for your food safety audit and inspection

How SFPM Consulting Help You?