Here’s our story

We started in the food industry, but I started to discover there was something that was lacking and missing in everyday food operations.

I am finding consistent challenges with the same exact problems day-after-day.

In 2019, I felt that we could do more for food businesses. Particularly small and medium food businesses that need support from food safety consultants that know how to help them and ensure they receive the training they deserve to run their food operations.

So, instead of seeking my next employment, we built SFPM Consulting based on our inspiration to help food businesses appreciate food safety as part of their food branding.

We like to showcase the importance of food safety in many aspects of food businesses, including food branding and operations with SFPM Consulting.

We are based in Vancouver, British Columbia. However, we help food business clients across Canada and the US with various food regulatory requirements and voluntary third-party audit requirements.

We work with GMP, HACCP, US FSMA PCP Plan, US FSVP Plan Canada SFC PCP Plan for both importers and manufacturers.

If we can’t help you, we’ll recommend someone who could! We are about helping your food business to grow.

#1: We review your food safety program.

#2: We plan and manage your food safety program implementation

#3: We teach you exactly what to do for your food safety audit and inspection

How SFPM Consulting Help Your Food Business?

SFPM Consulting

Bringing together food safety into food operations and branding excellence.

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